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Frendyhost Will Produce Huge Results for You and Your Business


Frendyhost can produce HUGE results for you and your business. Why settle for a small local market when you can have the world! Our team have been hosting web sites for well over a decade. Why do our customers host with us? Simply because we include so much more than just web hosting. Our support teams are just a call away for any needs and we talk like human. No pressing 1, 2,3... just call and tell your issues or query. Everyone involved, knows Mitlag like to put a human element in everything we do. Frendyhost is more than just a web hosting company and we make sure that all of our clients are well taken care of. This is our number one priority! .


There is a real team behind Frendyhost. You will get to know our team on a REAL first name basis. That's the way we operate!

We are real people, who really care and our business is based on the fact that you are a real person too!

When it comes to web hosting. Frendyhost puts it all out on the table!

Unlimited Domain Hosting and powerful Marketing Tools are included with Frendyhost's Reseller Hosting Account!

We like to keep things simple! We know our Marketing Tools will help you make a profit and that your site is not about hosting, it is about having a Profitable Website with your hosting!

We have been hosting web sites for well over 10 years. Frendyhost is not only a web host, but a host that understands clients mind and has all the services in place to help clients and businesses grow to new heights.


Mitlag Solutions is a team of Server administrators, Web developers, Web Designers etc. with experience ranging from 1 year to 10 years. Our team has the high ability to meet all your expectations. We can resolve the issues, answer the queries and develop projects as you need.

Each member of our team is qualified and certified in his skill set. Each team is backed by respective managers and above them we have a solid management. All the senior staff has long experience in their fields. Be it managing virtual environment, application server installations, developing large and complex systems, designing corporate websites and many more. Our team is expert with all.

Our support teams who run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year understands your server issues and strive to resolve them with utmost urgency. Our support team is expert in monitoring the servers and mostly resolves issues on a server before they become a problem for your end customers. They work via helpdesk tickets and phone support.

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